Our sauna interior is designed with your complete relaxation and well-being in mind. High-quality finishing materials and thoughtful design create a harmonious environment where you can enjoy and renew your energy. We use finely sawn hardwood finishing boards for interior wall cladding. The floor is made of finishing boards, functionally designed to be highlighted, for more convenient maintenance. Decorative engravings in black alder boards with LED lighting and a wood-burning stove.


The wooden structure is based on a wooden frame. In the workshop of the factory, the walls of sauna structures are assembled from wooden pillars, thermal insulation - stone wool, windows and external doors are incorporated into the structures, and the facade and internal walls are completely or partially finished. Windows and front doors are made of tempered glass. Decorative lighting in the roof ridge and facade. Metal profiled roof covering. Saunas can be combined with terraces and hot tubs of different sizes, making your yard a real oasis of relaxation, where the charm of nature and coziness combine.

Materials used

Saunas are built using the highest quality materials, which ensure product longevity, visual and structural stability. When making our products, we always think about the combination of design and functionality. When making our saunas, we do it for ourselves. This approach provides a quality result using high-quality and environmentally friendly materials.

Quality mark

Get to know the sauna quality mark, which will bring an authentic and high-class sauna experience to your home. We are proud to be a leader in the industry, offering not only sauna equipment, but also lifestyle enhancements. Get more of our products, invest in your well-being and start your journey to a healthier lifestyle!

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